About Us
We are a team of technology industry veterans which extensive life experiences and interests. Through our research, work and life experiences we have identified what works? and what does not work? when it comes to individual and group performance and motivations.

We designed and built Sirius to help you as an individual and , or your organisation set and achieve ambitious goals and aspirations that you will be happy with and proud of.

Our model is based on "Collaborative Performance Management", where you as an individual own your own performance, but can call on your peers, friends, colleagues, mentors, managers and leaders to provide you with feedback and guidance. Its a social collaborative model which works best.
 Our platform used Best Practices relating to Talent & Performance Management and automates those parts of the process which often can be obstacles to implementing best practice of regular and frequent communications and feedback coupled with effective record keeping and performance indicators.
 We chose Sirius as the product name because "Sirius" is the brightest star in the sky and we want users to be shining stars should they desire. Also our URL siriusperf is a play on words "Serious Performance" meaning its relevant to users who take their goals and performance in work or life as being important.
 So try it out, register or download now on your browser, IOS or Android device. It only takes a few minutes and you can have set your first goal and start tracking and getting feedback. 

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