My manager/leader gives me my Goals & Objectives ! How does this work?
Sirius is designed to implement best practice performance management in an efficient and effective manner and to strengthen the relationship, process and impact between you and your manager/leader/coach/mentor. We know from years of research and practice that you as an individual will achieve your optimum performance and improvement where you own and control your goals and performance and have the support, feedback and guidance from your manager/leader. Sirius enables that dialog between both parties around setting goals and reviewing performance. You need to have an input to the goals and performance standards, your manager needs to ensure that each team member is aligned in order that the teams or his/her higher level goals are achieved. Imposed goals and KPI's often do not create the right motivations and behaviours of individuals, whereas agreed goals and KPI's once they are SMART lead to better performance outcomes..
What do the traffic lights mean?
We all know its easy to set goals and sometimes get diverted to other priorities. Sirius has a simple algorithm (mathematical formula) and each time you update your status it reviews your progress against the available time left to complete your achievement. If for example your performance is slipping a bit within the available time to your target date you will get an "Orange" warning, this is a reminder perhaps to take some time out and see is there any additional action you need to take to get back on plan and to monitor the specific goal or KPI closely. "Red" is a more urgent warning that perhaps you might be getting to a point where you could miss your target without immediate action. This is a simple useful indicator for you and/or your leader/manager/coach as to what you need to discuss, focus on or may need support. Note: the traffic light is a simple tool to help you, its never intended to be 100% accurate, some goals and KPI's progress at different rates at different times. Often the improvements and change take time to get the benefit so you use 80% ot the time to your target date working but only see 20% of the benefit and the measurable results (80%) only some in the last 20% of time to target/planned date, only you can tell , so you will apply your own judgment
How do I update my Goal or KPI Status?
On your left hand "Menu Panel" , click on "My Goals" or "My KPIs" and you will be directed to the entry screen. The Goals and KPI's you have entered are listed on each of the screens. If you click on the Goal or KPI statement you will be directed to the details screen for the selected item. You can now enter an updated status, where the fields will ask you for the specific data and information related to the goal or KPI you have set up
What is a Goal?

A Goal is the object of a person's or team's ambition or effort; its an aim or desired result. A goal usually represents a change from a current situation to a new target situation. Goals are usually associated with something new or an improvement. Life goals tend to be associated with an individuals personal desires and ambitions, where as work goals tend to related to a business or career related target. Goals reflect a commitment to take a series of actions to achieve the target outcome.

What is Key Performance Indicator (KPI) ?
A key performance indicator (KPI) is a personal or business metric/measurement used to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of an individual or organization. KPIs differ per individual or organization. KPI's are most relevant where there is a need to have a regular measurement of the target area improvement is focused, or something that is important and routine to the individual and organisation. 
What is the difference between a KPI and a Goal ?

Goals are most often associated with new or significant focus areas for change or improvement whereas KPI's are also associated with important regular measurements of progress that are not always new but need continuous attention and improvement.

What do you mean by SMART ?
SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timelined. These are simple tests for any goal or objective statement if you cannot answer "yes" to each then you need to review the Goal/Objective with respect to that feature. The better you write your goals the more likely there will be successful outcomes.
How do i start using Sirius for Free?
Is easy and in just a few small steps you can create your life or work goals and strat tracking and managing your performance and achievements. Just go to the "Goal for Individual" Home Page and create an individual account. You will be asked to authenticate yourself via email, this is just to ensure you are who you say you are and not a piece of malicious software set up to trawl the internet and sign up to apps.
How do I set a Goal?
Once you have registered and logged in click on "My Goal" if you are a team leader/mentor. On your left hand "Menu Panel" , click on "My Goals" and you will be directed to the goal entry screen. You fill in each of the fields and press "Add" and your goal will be created. You will be warned if you set todays date as the planned date and also that once you save a goal you cannot edit or change it. This is an important part of ensuring you really think about the goal before committing to it. The fields you enter guide you in setting SMART goals because you are asked to "State the goal", input the "Outcome" desired, input your "Target date" for completion you achievement, add your "Performance Standard" to give clarity on how you will measure success and then input "Quantity" & "Units" so you have a measurable performance target.
This sounds very formal and business like but I want to use Sirius in my personal life!
No problem at all, Sirius was designed to cover all scenarios whether Personal, Business, Career, Pastimes, Hobby. We have examples of users who use it to set and achieve personal goals these include as examples:- Learn a language, Improve fitness, Lose weight, Change a personal behaviour, Achieve a team sports goal, Set and achieve a work related goal or a career goal. You can invite or be invited my a leader, coach, mentor, guide, manager, for what ever scenario you are considering
Is Sirius really Free?
"Yes its Free" You can download and/or register online and use Sirius free to manage your own goals and performance , monitor progress and request and receive feedback from people you select and value (We call this 360 degree feedback). We are a commercial platform so we need to cover our costs and make a small bit of profit, how we achieve this? is we charge a modest subscription to enable advanced features for you as a user when you connect with a coach/leader/manager/mentor. Normally the Leader subscribes so they can guide and support their team members performance, however we also have allowed for individual users to subscribe on behalf of their leader or mentor also.
What additional benefits do I get if I subscribe?
You should consider a subscription if you wish to provide good support, regular feedback and have visibility on progress for each team member. Subscription is directly associated with the team leader to team member connection. As a team leader you will be able to view each team members dashboard , drill down to detailed progress and metrics associated with their KPI's and Goals, provide general and detailed feedback on specific goals and KPI's, schedule and complete video conference review meetings, any where, any time from any device. Your team members will also get addition features relating to their free individual account now they are connected by your subscription, these include request detailed 360 degree and leader feedback by goal and KPI, schedule and complete review video conferences with their leader/coach/manager/mentor, additional multimedia storage capacity where they wish to add audio/video to a status update
Why do I need to input ..
Setting and achieving performance improvement is about change and improvement. We all know if we" do'nt measure" it "do'nt happen". Its important to recognise the starting point so you can measure and see your progress , maintain your motivation, and adapt when something is not working. Sirius provides you and your leader, if subscribed, with simple visual indicators of how you are doing when you update your progress and in order to do this our system needs to know where you are starting from..