How It Works

You as an individual are responsible for your performance 


Whether in your personal or work life setting and tracking your goals has the greatest impact and success when you are in control. This does not mean you cannot benefit from direction, guidance and support , however your motivation and satisfaction are at their highest when you take control of your own performance. Sirius helps you succeed in this.

Download the App and register now and get started, or register from your browser. It’s only a few small steps and its free.

  • Set your Goals and starting point 
  • Input Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
  • Record your progress 
  • See how you are doing with simple dashboard displays 
  • Request feedback from anyone whose input you value 
  • Invite a Leader/Manager/Coach/Mentor to provide you with support 
  • Upgrade to lead and support your own team 

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You as a Leader achieve the greatest success when your team members perform well


You may be a sports coach, business manager or personal mentor to list a few scenarios , regardless of the scenario your sense of fulfilment and achievement is strengthened by the performance of individuals and teams you are responsible for. You want to do this well but also in a professional and structured manner that is both efficient and effective. Sirius helps you succeed in this. As a leader using Sirius you can manage your own performance and also connect it to the performance of your team members.

Download the App and register as a team leader now and get started, or register from your browser. For as little as €1 per month you can:-


  • Have all the individual features outlined above, plus 
  • You can view the dashboard and detail for each of your team members
  • Provider specific feedback and support on individual goals and KPIs 
  • Schedule and complete review meetings 
  • Team members can request and receive 3600 feedback from anyone chosen
  • Live Chat & Video meetings (Version 2 Release)


Get Started with "My Team Performance" (Link)

Your Organisation can use Sirius to align performance at an individual and team level

An organisation using Sirius can create a system where every individual and team is pointed in the same direction to achieve the overall goals of the organisation.


  • Individuals manage their own performance 
  • Team Leaders can guide and support their team members 
  • Team Leaders can be guided and supported by their Leaders/Coaches/Managers 
  • Any stakeholder in anyone’s performance can contribute feedback and support 

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