Sirius is an App. that enables pro-active performance management , leading to better outcomes and results

Whether in your personal or work life, you want to set goals, track progress, give or receive feedback and maintain good records, you can use the Sirius application from your PC, Apple IOS or Android device to help you achieve your goals FREE

 Best Practice Performance Management

 The best practices in how to manage  performance are well understood, some these include:

  • Individuals & Teams have ownership and control in setting goals and KPI's, and reporting progress and achievements
  • Feedback and Support is regularly provided by a range of people valued by the individual or teams
  • The Leader, Coach, Mentor meets regularly to review and support the setting and achievement of goals
  • SMART goals and KPIs are defined and documented, tracked and regularly reviewed
  • The performance management process is simple and well understood and implemented (Top-down & Bottom-up)


Sirius enables Best Practice for you

Extensive research indicates that even where the critical success factors above are understood and adopted, the implementation is inconsistent at best and a high percentage of individuals and leaders are dissatisfied with the implementation of the process and the value derived. We identified they key causes of ineffective performance management processes and built Sirius to address those issues while enabling the true implementation of best practices for you or your team through technology. The major issues addressed include:

  • Significant reduction in manual administration for Individuals, Teams and Leaders
  • Ability for Individuals & Teams to manage their own Goals, KPI's and progress
  • Automation of scheduling and completing of review meetings anyplace, anytime, from any device
  • A single transparent complete record of Goals, KPI's and performance feedback and status controlled by the individual.
  • Team members and Team leaders can engage regularly and pro-actively


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