Terms and Conditions


You are required to read the terms and conditions before you register for the “Sirius” Service. Here, we list some of the main terms in simple language that we consider important for all users of the Sirius Performance Platform provided by Strategic Business & IT Services Limited.

  • Try to deliver best  We will develop, improve and maintain the system using best practices, technology providers and user inputs, however we cannot guarantee that the system will always be available or operate correctly.
  • Use of System  You as a user agree not to use the system for unlawful, offensive or inappropriate purposes.
  • Users Credentials   We do not endorse or guarantee the credentials of users on the system, it is your responsibility as a user to evaluate and choose who you connect  with using the information they provide.
  • Use of system  You as a user agree not to interfere with the platform components or its operation and only use the system as it is intended for.
  • Charges.  We may adjust our charges from time to time and you will be advised of changes
  • Content Integrity  You as a user will not transfer any content into the system and onwards via the system from your access device that you are not authorized to, or do not have the rights to, or is unlawful.
  • User Termination  We have no liability whatsoever for how users use the system and the consequences of the same. We will however terminate any user identified to us for breaching the terms and conditions policies.
  • T&C Updates  We reserve the right to make changes to the system and terms and conditions and will notify you in advance should the normal course of business allow.

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